August 9, 2013

Finally Friday

First off…is it just me or has every day this week felt like Monday??

Well, it’s Friday {I think} and I am looking to forward to a weekend of sleeping in and working on a few fun projects.

Confession #1 – I had Starbucks WAY too much this week.  That’s what happens when the whole week feels like an 80-hour Monday!!




Thursday – Addiction fueled by a coworker!

Confession #2 – I have not worked out once this week {last Saturday doesn’t count}. I tend to eat more, drink more wine and work out less when I am stressed. It happens and I’ll be back in the groove soon enough.  Life’s too short to worry about what one week will do to the span of my life.

Confession #3 – I wish someone would make me this meal.  Honestly, I wish someone would feed me ANY of Jessica’s recipes.

Grossest moment of the week – taking a sip of my green smoothie on Tuesday morning & realizing that the spinach I used was not good anymore.  VOMIT!!!

Weirdest moment of the week – being in the Sbux drive-through line and having a van stall out.  Took a few guys to push it out.  THEN the lady behind the van got out fo her car to look through stuff in her trunk.  We were all honking at her and she just waved us off.  EXCUSE ME?!?!  Get in your f-ing car, get your order and leave.  Seriously, only in Modesto!!

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my birthday and Gary & I have yet to go to a birthday dinner.  Only because I know I want to go to Dust Bowl, but I refuse to go until there’s a beer on tap that I HAVE to drink.  Priorities….

My breakfast has been 2 eggs with 1/4 of an avocado every morning this week.  I CANNOT GET ENOUGH AVOCADO!!

I also cannot get enough of Lady A…I have been playing them in my office ALL week!

Rhetorical question of the week – Wouldn’t you think someone with this many lipsticks in her purse would have at least ONE brush at work?

Nope….no hairbrush!

Me and my tangled hair wish you a Happy Friday!  🙂

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  1. I don’t own a hairbrush! Isn’t that crazy?
    Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog. recently posted…A Mother’s LoveMy Profile

  2. Sister I feel ya on the Starbucks thing! I didn’t indulge in their coffee, but their stinkin Refreshers! Orange to be specific. So.good.
    And as for the Spinach thing….Agh! I purchase my spinach at a local grocery store where I live and they NEVER put fresh out. It always expires within days. I end up wasting so much of it!
    And you’re right….It has felt like Monday all week. 🙂
    Brandi recently posted…Sleeping habitsMy Profile

  3. I WOULD have to read this on the following Monday lol. I can’t wait for Friday AGAIN. Hope you had a great weekend.

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