February 14, 2013

Migraines Suck!

You guys, yesterday was horrible!  Like the worst day ever.

All because migraines suck!

Let’s go back in time to Tuesday night.

I said goodnight to my loved ones at 9 and headed to bed with a medium size tension headache, where I proceeded to stare at the ceiling and the clock until about 12:45.  In those 3+ hours, my tension headache escalated to a full size migraine!

Gary was kind enough to get up and find the Excedrin Migraine for me.  I only took one because as much as I know they help, I also don’t like taking medicine unless needed.  So I popped a pill and went back to bed.  No joke – I laid there, AWAKE, until a little after 3:30.

I FINALLY fell asleep and the alarm went off at 5am.  Do the math, my friends.  That’s only 1.5 hours of sleep.  And my migraine was still hanging around.  So I called in sick to work {didn’t I JUST have to take 2 days off because of that damn flu/cold hybrid crap I had??} and fell back asleep until Gary’s alarm went off at 7:30.

Mr. Migraine was still there….FML!  So I wussied out, took one more pill and climbed back in to bed for about 2 hours.  When I woke up, I felt better  Probably about 60%, but at least it didn’t hurt to just lay there anymore.  Getting dressed was a different story….so dizzy!

At first I had to sport my cool sunglasses so I wouldn’t die the minute I stepped out of my dark bedroom.

It took until about 11am or so for me to be able to feel semi-normal, but slowly and surely throughout the afternoon I was able to feel like a functional human being!

I swear that having a migraine is worse than anything else.  Sure with the flu, you have it coming out one end or the other {both if you’re EXTRA lucky} and with a cold your head feels like a balloon that’s over inflated, but at least with those, you can commiserate with your DVR  or some classic chick flicks.  With a migraine at first it hurts to move your eyelashes then it just hurts to use your brain at all.  Any light or a quick motion and you can be back to where you started just like THAT!

So now that in the course of 2 weeks, I have had the flu/cold AND a migraine I am hoping to finish out February with no more sock days from work.  The ironic thing is that I was JUST talking with someone how the last day I had to to take a sick day was back in October.  Lesson learned – stop bragging on myself!  😉

I found this cool infographic on migraine.com & wanted to share in case you guys suffer from migraines as well.  I know my migraine was caused my what they label as “hormones” and I label as “my period.”

In case you all forgot, today is Valentine’s Day, the holiday in which Hallmark becomes even richer by making men feel like they have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on women to “prove” their love.  Well, MY hot date with Gary for tonight is meeting up with our {soon-to-be} ex-landlord to do a walk-through of the townhouse so we can hand the keys back over to him!  Muy caliente!

In all seriousness, while Gary and I tend to say “no” to cards, flowers & chocolates, we do like to take some time and get away.  So this weekend we are taking a day trip to the coast!!  The weather should be in the high 60’s and I cannot wait to roll up my jeans and blind everybody with my winter shade white legs! 😉

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!  I love you all!  

Let’s Chat

Last time you had a migraine?

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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  1. ***WHISPERS*** hope the headache is gonegonegone for good.


  2. misszippy1 says:

    Ugh–sounds awful! My mom used to get horrible migraines that would send her straight to bed. Hoping you are past it all now!

    • OrganicallyMo says:

      Yes….thank goodness. Because the only thing worse than a day spent with a migraine is TWO days spent with a migraine!

  3. Oh man! Migraines are the worse! I’m so sorry to hear you experienced that just after having the flu/cold. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  4. I deal with major migraines A LOT. I can totally relate. Hope your feel better!

  5. I used to get migranes all the time as a kid then once I was in high school I had pretty much outgrown them. Now I get 1-2 a year. Not too bad. They’re the worst!!! I’m sorry you had one. 🙁

  6. Oh no! I’ve never had a migraine before. I hope that you’re feeling better!

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