October 11, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

    • Being an adult can suck.  But here’s 32 reasons it doesn’t.
    • Does anyone else ever wish bad things to the asshole drivers on the road?  Not death or anything THAT drastic, but maybe a fenfer bender that makes them realize what a shitty driver they are & they change their ways.  Anyone??

    • I want it to get incredibly cold JUST so I can make this Pumpkin Chili!
    • Being able to do 8 one armed pushups at TRX makes you feel like a sexy beast!
    • These same push-ups make you hurt for approximately 5 days.
    • Thursday TMI: The worst part of salmonella poisoning is the irregularity of “movement.”  In fact I have read that this irregularity could be the “normal” for 2-3 months.  My intestines are out to kill me.
    • 5 Reasons Being Married Is Awesome – HOLLA!!
    • I was REALLY craving Arby’s the other day.  I ate my leftovers for lunch and it was delicious, but it wasn’t a roast beef sandwich and jamocha shake from Arby’s.  Just sayin’
    • Thursday Throwback Tune: Montell Jordan “This Is How We Do It.”  This song played at EVERY high school dance.  Life was so different back in 1994, wasn’t it?? I was young & awkward with lots of acne.  Now I’m just in my 30’s and awkward….with occasional acne.

  • I’m thinking about making this recipe from Lindsay this weekend, but substituting the goat cheese for feta…or blue cheese….drool!!


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  1. Being married IS awesome (that’s my thought today:)). Hard but awesome.

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