Strawberry Poppy Seed Dressing

Who out there is ready for Fall?  With this ridiculous heat wave the Central Valley has been experiencing, I am craving cool breezes, all things pumpkin and comfy sweaters.

But while I suffer in the heat a little longer, I am making sure to enjoy tasty, filling salads.

Strawberry Poppy Seed Dressing via OrganicallyMo

This Strawberry Poppy Seed Dressing is the perfect addition to any summer salad.

Pumpkin will be here soon enough…let’s enjoy summer before it’s just another wonderful memory.

Strawberry Poppy Seed Dressing

by Maureen McCann

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: Chill at least 30 minutes

Keywords: blender salad


  • 1 cup strawberries {cut in half}
  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1TB coconut oil
  • 1TB honey
  • 1tsp poppy seeds
  • 1TB water


Add strawberries, EVOO, coconut oil and honey to high speed blender.

Blend for about 90 seconds.

Add blended mixture to a salad dressing bottle or container that has the poppy seeds and water mixed at the bottom.


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Levi Stadium Tour

One day in May, our friend Damia called us up asking if we would eventually be interested in a tour of Levi Stadium sometime in August.

Gary & I are not huge football fans, but in the past few years we have made an effort to b a bit more interested.  Colin Kaepernick, a local Turlock guy, is the quarterback and it is awesome to see a small community like Turlock be so spirited and come together over his rise to fame. We were very excited to tour the brand new 49er stadium this past weekend!

This past Saturday was the day, so Gary & I rocked our matching Kaepernick shirts {which you can buy through Camp Taylor, an amazing charity that Kaepernick supports which helps children with congenital heart defects}.

Our first impression of Levi Stadium was that it looked small compared to other sports venues, but in reality, it was just built so well that every space is used efficiently.

We were escorted to club level seats and were encouraged to relax in the padded seats while we heard about how the stadium came to be.

You can see the field from our sunglasses!

I could get used to these seats! ;-)

We were then invited into one of the clubs, which was awesome.  Everything inside was cutting edge and the first vibe was that it felt like a swanky wine tasting venue, which our tour guide Gary mentioned a few minutes later was the feeling the owners wanted this place to have, since California is well-known for wine.

2 cool facts about Levi Stadium – 1. There are over 400 TVs located throughout, so you do not have to miss a minute of action. 2. At club level, concessions are not the typical, walk-up, order, pay and move to the next line to get something else.  It’s more cafeteria style – you get whatever food & drink you want, then pay for it all at one place. So efficient!

Part of the cool mural they have on the ceiling.

Such a handsome guy! :)

On the way to the suites, we had to stop and take some photos.

I was more excited than Kap in this photo.

What little boy DIDN’T love Joe Montana while growing up??

Once we got to the suites, I think they should have handed us each a napkin to wipe the drool we had from our mouths hanging open so wide.

All the furniture was made from reclaimed bamboo and it was beautiful!

Room with a view

Suite food offerings

Oh, in case you wanted to know how much a suite would put you back…it’s only $250,000 for a year. That does not include tickets to any events, but you have access to your suite 365 days a year when events are not taking place. Yeah….I’m pretty sure this was my only time in one of these suites!

Something very cool we experienced on our tour was the painting of the field.  Prior to that day, there was never an “SF” or “49ers” logo on the field. Just kind of cool to know we were there for a first!

***courtesy of Gary***

***courtesy of Gary***

We then were able to go all the way to the top of the stadium, which had amazing views!

I think the coolest part of the tour was getting to go field level. While we could not touch the grass, it was amazing being at the same level usually only players, coaches and employees get to experience.

Our tour was officially over, but not before I got a picture of MY Gary with our tour guide Gary.

The next stop was the Museum, which started with a video of 49er history.

The exhibits we really cool.  My favorite part was all the statues.  The detail was incredible.

I wish I could have fit ALL of the footballs into this photo. 206 to be exact – representing all 206 touchdowns Jerry Rice accomplished as a 49er.

More memorabilia

A letter Colin Kaepernick wrote as a child saying he wanted to play football for the 49ers when he grew up. Some dreams do come true!

If you live in the Bay Area and even slightly like football and/or the 49ers, do yourself a favor and take this your.  It was a fun day out!

On the way home, we ate at First Street Ale House in Livermore. I love a place where you can get 2 meals and 2 drinks for just about $30.

I enjoyed the blue cheese burger on a sprouted wheat bun. As you can see, they were not shy with the blue cheese…bonus points!  Gary ordered and devoured the Cajun burger. I may have stole a few of his fries!

It was a great day & an amazing experience for us!

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Would I Follow You? {Instagram}

I met my husband Gary LOOOONG before social media existed.  The only “texting” I did back in those days was pager code with my friends. Anyone else remember pager code?

Even so, I can only imagine what dating is like now, between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and so many more things I am just not cool enough to know about!

The other day, in one of my Facebook groups, a “link love” of sorts was started to share our Instagram pages to help us fid new people to follow and, hopefully, in return get us some new IG followers as well.

Looking through some of the profiles, I started thinking of what makes me want to follow someone and what makes me NOT hit the “follow” button.

Here are a few reasons I will not follow people:

  • SELFIES all the time.  You must understand…I like and appreciate a good selfie from time to time.  But selfies upon selfies for the sake of a selfie?  No thank you!
  • Inspirational Quotes x a gazillion. Sometimes there are quotes that just speak to our hearts at the right time & we want to share them with others.  But if 947 of your 1484 photos are quotes…

  •  Sequence Photos. This is a perfect example…4 pictures in a row of you {or your child, spouse, pet, BFF} looking at their birthday cake, then blowing out the candles of their cake, then smiling over the cake that has no more glowing candles, then cutting said cake. Pick one for Instagram and make a freaking Facebook album with the rest {because I know you have them}.
  • Regrams from everyone else 99% of the time.  If I wanted to follow them, I would.  Post your own pictures, m’kay?
  • Photos taken from the internet of your dream vacation destination. If I wanted to see 5629 photos of Hawaii, Ireland, New York, I’d have these photos as my screen saver.
  • If you have a ridiculous amounts of photos. I started my account over 3years ago and I have close to 1800 photos. Trust me, I think this is a lot.  But if I see that you have 5000 or more photos, I am scared that you will take over my IG feed like the robots are taking over the world.

After that long list, here are a few things that I actually do like:

  • Cute kids {just not all the time}
  • Cute pets
  • FOOD {just don’t use #foodporn}
  • Pictures of where you live {not your home, but the area surrounding…I love getting vacation ideas}

Now that you think I’m am old curmudgeon {GET OFF MY LAWN} let me know what makes you follow, or not follow, others on Instagram! 

Tuesday Thoughts

Happy Tuesday!  You made it through Monday, so that’s a good thing!

Yesterday was the first day of school where I work and it was crazy time a billion. But I love when days are fast paced.  Makes the day fly by!

Today I wanted to share a quick photo with you.

When Gary & I were on our Weekend of Yelp, I saw this sign in our hotel room.



My first reaction was to laugh. The it hit me….in order for this sign to be posted, SOMEONE had to have actually tried this before.

I posted this on various social media channels and heard back from friends that this happens more frequently than I would like to know about.

We also concluded that it’s mostly guys who have done this.

Hope this gave you a laugh today!

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California Central Coast Vacation {Cayucos , Pismo & San Luis Obispo}

It seems like a lifetime since our trip to the Central Coast of California, but it was only about 6 weeks ago.

Gary & I had a blast and if you followed me on Instagram {#SLOmo}, you saw a small part of all the fun we had.

Rather than throw it all at you in one sitting, I’ll break these posts down by the locations we visited.  This way you have a reference if you ever want to visit the gorgeous California Central Coast.

We hit the road bright & early….ok, it was 10am, but on my 2nd day of vacation that seemed EARLY! ;-)

I drove the first hour and a half to give Gary some time to relax and drink coffee.  Plus I love driving the long stretches where there’s not much to do but annoy Gary sing along to the radio.

About midway through the drive we stopped at Bravo Farms in Kettleman City for a quick lunch & to stretch.

They had a small fast-casual place to eat lunch and we were both impressed.

I had a tasty and FILLING salad!

Gary had the brisket sandwich. Yum!

We roamed the gift store and Gary said he mustache me a question.

Obviously his energy was restored enough to drive the remainder of the way to Cayucos.

Cayucos is this quaint town located off Highway 1 about 4 hours south of San Francisco.  It’s also about 4 hours from the Central Valley.

So a little too far for a day trip, but perfect for an extended getaway.

Based off a suggestion by one of my friends, we booked a kitchenette at the Seaside Motel.  My friend & her family have stayed during the summer {not the week that we were there} since she was a little girl.  Based on that and the cost was just under $150 a night for a kitchenette, we were hooked!

How awesome is this??  A separate living room and a kitchenette!

Let me take you outside -

to the best garden ever!

See that ocean in the background??  HEAVEN on Earth!!

Once unpacked, we practically ran to the beach!

My soul was refreshed!!

After bumming around, we decided to eat out that night.  Of course we referred to Yelp and found Tognazzini’s Dockside Restaurant in Morro Bay. The wait was pretty long, but we figured that meant the food was delicious.

It was!!

Gary had a seafood quesadilla {which I didn’t get a picture of} and I had the halibut tacos.

They were so dang tasty that I decided I was recreating them the next night in our vacation kitchen!

The next morning we slept in until 9am and were determined to have a day of relaxation. Besides knowing we wanted to hit Trader Joe’s in San Luis Obispo, we left the day open to exploring.

But of course, we both had Pismo on our minds. Ever since our vacation last Spring, we have been wanting to come back.

We enjoyed walking on the beach and just letting ourselves relax for a bit.

We walked back to the pier, had one last look at the beach and left for San Luis Obispo.

There was plenty of time left in our day, so we decided to walk through Downtown SLO, then hit Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa for a self guided tour.

It was quite interesting to me that this historic landmark is right in the middle of a bustling city. Very old meets very new.

Mission San Luis Obispo via Organically Mo

After our day of exploring, we found the nearest Trader Joe’s to shop for groceries.

It was so much bigger and had so many more things than the one in Modesto. We bought some mahi mahi and all the fixings for fish tacos!

Only 2 days in and we were having the time of our lives!

Stay tuned for more vacation fun!

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