Things I’m Loving Thursday 1

The hashtag  – Please….take a moment and check it out. You will laugh your butt off, then feel old because the 90’s were SO long ago!

My favorites?


This Immersion Hand Blender that I got as a Christmas gift a long time ago.

I use it regularly, but especially this year with all the soups I have been making!

The Night Circus – This book is phenomenal! I am about 70% through and I want to finish it, yet don’t WANT IT TO END!! Such a fantastic novel!

THESE. THREE. RECIPES ⇐Start figuring out how to incorporate these in your menu next week!

What are you loving today?


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Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose. {WIAW}

You guys!! Before I get to my food, can we chat for a minute?

Topic – Friday Night Lights.

Question to be answered – WHERE HAVE I BEEN??

Seriously. I tried this series before {twice to be exact} and never ‘got it.’ Then Carla posted something on Facebook about FNL and it seemed like everyone thought this show was fabulous. A few people said it takes a few episodes to fully appreciate the show, so I thought I’d try again when I had time – maybe during summer vacation.

Then the cold from heck hit me. For 2 weeks I couldn’t decide whether I was sick or healthy. My body went back and forth and it sucked! I’d rest up on weekends, only to relapse during the week. Then this weekend I gave up and just let it hit me head on.

Which meant LOTS of lounging. I usually hate lounging…there’s always something I’d rather be doing. But I knew I had to calm the F down and just let it be.

So I turned on Netflix and staring at me was Friday Night Lights!! It was meant to be.

Needless to say, I’m halfway through Season 1 and hooked!

“Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t Lose”

Moving on the food…

Here’s a sampling of some foods I’ve been eating this week. Being sick, I haven’t had too much variety, mostly hot beverages and soup.

We did make a trip to Costco for a few items.  We left spending just under $25, which might be a record.

Even though my week of food has been boring, Sasha enjoyed a carrot or 2 this weekend.

I think her motto is “Clear Eyes. Full STOMACH. Can’t Lose.”

Have a great Wednesday and thanks to Jenn for hosting!

Are you a fan of FNL?
Best thing you are this week?

10 Easy & Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes

Did you know that January is National Slow Cooking month? I am celebrating today by sharing 10 easy & delicious slow cooker recipes with you.

Even though it takes hours to cook a meal, most slow cooker meals are quick & easy to prep, letting you enjoy dinner soon after coming home from a long day.

Slow cooker meals can also be very healthy since most recipes don’t call for many ingredients.

I hope you enjoy these recipes and feel free to share YOUR favorite slow cooker recipe in the comments section.

 Crock Pot Tomato BBQ Short Ribs | Organically Mo

Crock Pot Balsamic Chicken | My Baby Pajamas

Slow Cooked Peach Barbecue Smothered Pork Chops | the view from the great island

Healthy Crockpot Orange Chicken | Ari’s Menu

Slow-Cooked Ham in Cider Gravy | Savvy Eats

Savory Citrus Chicken | Miss in the Kitchen

Paleo No-Bean Refried Beans | Paleo Pot

Slow Cooker Lasagna | Organically Mo

Crockpot Spicy Sausage Split Pea Soup | Ari’s Menu

BBQ Bean and Lentil Chili {slow cooker option} | Cotter Crunch

So what are you waiting for…get the crock out of here and start slow cooking one of these fabulous recipes!

Notes to Self

Notes to Self

  • Take more baths…they are the best stress reliever!
  • When drinking wine, drink lots of water.
  • Don’t take things so personal.
  • Read this when doubt starts to creeps in.
  • Make sure to go outside and enjoy some of the fabulous weather we are supposed to get this weekend!

Happy Friday everyone!

Let’s Chat

What’s a note to yourself for today/this weekend?

Yoga Class Freak Out

It was the day that my first yoga class was going to start. I had been relatively calm up until that day. Then the nerves set in.

And I started an internal freak out.

What if I’m the oldest?

What if I’m the fattest? ←This is a HORRIBLE thought, but I have to be honest

What if I fall over?

What if I can’t find the bathrooms?

{photo proof I freak out over the finding of bathrooms}

Even my #hopefulhashtag wasn’t helping that much.

As someone who loves the company of others, I am such an introvert when it comes to meeting people for the first time. Especially a large group of people.

In my head, large groups of people look something like this – they are all the perfect age, height, weight, have perfect lives and all know one another.

In reality, that image above couldn’t be further from the truth.

As freaked out as I was, I made my way to class after work.

Do you know what happened when I got there?


Life proceeded like it usually does.

There’s no crazy story to go along with this.

Just a reminder that life scares all of us in different ways, but that being scared isn’t an excuse to stop living.

Let’s Chat

Last time you had a freak out moment?