Here We Go!

Today is a super exciting day for me.

It’s the day I start my first Whole30 today, which I know will help kick-start my road to wellness journey.

I have also teamed up with a bunch of my health & fitness blogger friends to bring you a fun challenge for April!

Rock Your Core Challenge Logo_option 2

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get moving! We want to spend April giving {and getting} motivation to #RockYourCore. I’ll have more details early next week, but trust me when i say that April will be a FUN month full of ab challenges, delicious recipes and amazing support!!

I cannot wait to share more with you! But let’s first enjoy this upcoming weekend, okay??

The only plans I have for this weekend are to SLEEP, have a date with my DVR and food prep for the week. PERFECTION!!

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What are your weekend plans?
Organically Mo

My Whole30 Plan

I mentioned in this post earlier this month that I will be starting my first Whole30 on Friday, March 27th.

Why a Friday? Why not on the 1st of the month?

Because I like to be difficult. Because it makes sense for me. I had planned on starting April 1st, but then realized that Thursday, April 2nd was my last day of work before Spring Break. It will also be a CRAZY BUSY day at work. The next day Gary and I plan on taking a trip to the beach. According to the Whole30 timeline, days 2-3 are the “hangover” days, so I’d like to be a week past that timeline so I don’t murder anyone who walks in my path holding a donut or muffin.

How am I getting ready for this?

  • I have already asked family & close friends to not offer me any sort of food or drink.  I know they mean well, but I have a food plan and need to stick to that and ONLY that!
  • I hid my wine bottle opener.
  • I have a friend from work who is doing this with me and she started a small FB group for a group of her friends doing it in April.
  • I joined another Whole30 support group on FB.
  • I asked Trader Joe’s to hide their cheese samples for 30 days.
  • I’ve been pinning recipes like crazy!
  • I have already started drinking my 1 cup of coffee in the morning with canned coconut milk and no sweetener.

What kind of results am I hoping for?

I know lots of people do the Whole30 program hoping for major weight loss and body transformation, but that’s not what is motivating me. My Naturopath is encouraging me to eat a Paleo diet anyway, so I am using this as a crash course in Paleo. I know that doing this for 30 days will make the transition to a Paleo lifestyle much easier in the long run.  Will I be thrilled if my pants are a bit looser after 30 days? Damn straight. But I will be more excited when we re-test my hormone levels in 3-4 months and I see an improvement!

I’ll be keeping track of meals and progress here a few times a week as well as posting lots of meal ideas on Instagram!

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Have you ever done a Whole30?
What food or drink would you miss the most for 30 days?
Organically Mo

Weekend Snapshots

What a fun weekend this was!

I’ll start with Thursday night, because even though I had to work on Friday, Gary and I had a date night to go see 2 Cellos at the Gallo Center in Modesto.

The best part about seeing a show at Gallo is that every seat has a great view of the stage! We had a blast, except Grandma over here was upset that I didn’t get to bed until after 10:30, so I only got about 6 hours of sleep. No bueno! Luckily, Friday went quick and work flew by.

Friday night was spent crying my eyes out to the Glee finale. And drinking wine. Duh.

Saturday morning we woke up early and got ready to go celebrate the 4th birthday for the daughter of a family friend.

Yay Hello Kitty themed birthday party!!

I also got some bounce house cardio in with my BFF and godson.

Once the party was over, we headed to the local Whole Foods since we don’t have one near us.

We got lots of kombucha, organic meat and beer {for Gary}!

Sunday morning I had an appointment with my Naturopath {more on that next week}, then went wine tasting in Lodi.

We went to 2 of our favorites – The Lucas Winery & Jeremy Wine Company.

The we tried a new to us winery, Durst, and we LOVED it!

The wine was great and we had a fabulous conversation with the people there. Then the owner got all of us who were there tasting to dance to Etta James. Just another regular day wine tasting!  HA HA

When we got home I started sauteing some veggies from the garden for breakfast this week…

…when my dad called to us from the front door.

A friendly dog had wandered into the front yard. He had no tags, but was sooooo sweet & friendly.

We gave him some food, then Gary & my dad drove him around the neighborhood and thanks to the Next Door app, they found the owner!!

What a fun & marvelous weekend!!

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How was your weekend?
Did you watch the Glee finale?

Organically Mo

Linking up with Katie & Erin today! Go check out these fabulous ladies! :)

Things I’m Loving Thursday 3

-After watching this video of Kelly Clarkson & Jimmy Fallon performing classic duets, I demand an official album!

-Foodnited States of America – too cute!

-All these greens from the garden!
-Learning everything I can about the Whole30 program. I am mentally preparing for this, as it is no joke. Whole, real food for 30 days. Oh, and no wine. Hold me….

-The tri-tip Gary made this weekend. It was absolutely perfect!

-This ultimate road trip. If only I had 3 months of vacation and an endless bank account.

-GLEE!! I have been a gleek since day 1 {even through the bad seasons} and am heartbroken that the series is ending. I definitely think it’s time, but I still have a box of tissues ready for the 2-hour finale that airs tomorrow night.

-This picture of Sasha. Excuse her eye crusties…it was first thing in the morning!

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Are you in bbq season yet?
Are you also a big Glee fan? Favorite Glee moment? Any time Artie got to dance and whenever Blaine would sing. 
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3 Steps to Better Health

Last week I hit you all with some pretty heavy stuff about my health. It definitely helped getting that out there, but that was just the first step. The next step I had to take was coming up with a plan on HOW to better my health.

Taking what my Naturopath & I talked about, I realized that in order to make changes there were 3 specific areas to focus on – diet, exercise and stress levels.

Eat Better – my doctor wants me to try Paleo for at LEAST a few months, since it is full of low glycemic foods and has a history of working well for women with PCOS. I’m going one step further and will be participating in my first Whole30 in just a few weeks {more on that next week}.

Move More – Until the end of April, I have yoga twice a week after work. In addition to that I am going to start walking with Gary after work on Monday and Friday and either a long walk or a bike ride on the weekend. I will also start taking my break at work at least twice a week to walk. At least once during the week and once on the weekend I will add strength training with either hand weights or my kettlebell. Once my yoga class is over, I will switch some days around and will probably take more walks, since both Gary & I will be done with school for the semester.

Stress Less – Quit my job and travel the world. JUST KIDDING! Although it did give me 2.7 seconds of stress relief typing that. There are a few things that have been adding to my current stress level. Work, school, and blog related. Since life is ever-changing, I will have to evaluate this one constantly. For now, I plan on cutting back on the extra stuff I do at work. I love what I do and the people I work with, but I do take on extra projects and while I’ve never said this before, I need to be a “work my 8 hours, then go home” kind of person for now. The class I plan on taking next semester for school is online and looks pretty easy, so that shouldn’t change. As far as blogging is concerned, I’ll still be here. But {mostly} gone will be the planned posts and recipes that take weeks to create and photograph. I will use this space to share the things I love and document my continuing journey.

Eat Better. Move More. Stress Less. The 3 steps I will be taking to better my health. I truly believe that if I can focus on these 3 things and keep it as simple as possible, I will see some positive changes soon!

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How do you eat better, move more & stress less?
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